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Ham Sandwich (YouTube video) new
100 Watts and a Wire (audio)
Fo Time (audio)
QSO Today (audio)
Newsline (audio)
ARRL Audio News
ARRLYouTube Video Channel
Ham Nation (video)
AmateurLogic (video)
HQARadio has taken
the final podfade - KB4HQA (SK)
K7AGE (YouTube video)
73s HamBrief (video) (inactive)
ICQ Podcast (audio)
QSO Radio Show (Ted Randall) (audio)
Low SWR (audio)
RAIN Report (audio)
This Week in Amateur Radio (audio)
Practical Amateur Radio Podcast (audio) (inactive)
Youth in Amateur Radio Podcast (audio) (inactive)
TX Factor (YouTube video)
SolderSmoke (audio)
Linux in the Ham Shack (audio)
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other ARVN/KN4AQ on-line video
Ham Radio Deluxe Forum (2012)
all 21 presentations
D-STAR Forum (2011 Dayton)
Dayton TOUR, etc. 2009
(scroll down for the full TOUR video)
Dayton FCC Forum 2009
>Riley Hollingworth "One Big Knob"
>Dayton TOUR 2007
D-STAR Radio Programming
ARISS Contact
Gordon West inspects KN4AQ's mobile
National Electronics Museum TOUR
Baltimore, MD
A Ham's Night Before Christmas
Introduction to Amateur Radio (1999)
All YL Field Day Station (1990)
Hanging a Field Day dipole
Field Day news stories 2010
Hurricane Katrina news story
plus recorded on-air emergency message from Katrina operation
Pre-Field Day interview 2005
Field Day/All Night Long (1997)
KN4AQ on Ham Nation:
KN4AQ's "OtherStuff"
a collection of articles that Gary's written, and a few other videos he's produced.

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ALL of the
DCC Videos

a Playlist
Parity in

February 2, 2016
Parity... not 'Party'
(that's for one guy on Facebook)
Watch the video
60 Meters -
Let's Go Dutch

February 1, 2016
15 kHz at 60 Meters? Really?
Thanks, WRC 2015!
Brennan Price N4QX explains how it happened
(and how it could have been worse)
Watch the video
January 22, 2016
from the 2015 DCC
Satellite Networked
Open Ground Stations
Watch the video
'Front Panel'
January 22, 2016
from the 2015 DCC
Bruce Perens K6BP on
how you'll operate your Kantena
(Whitebox... HT of the Future)...
and bananas
Watch the video
January 22, 2016
from the 2015 DCC
Put your SDR on the web
Watch the video
January 22, 2016
from the 2015 DCC
Or QRπ (say Q-R-Pie), and
you know where we're going now
Watch the video
SDR Server
December 22, 2015
from the 2015 DCC
Phil Theis K3TUF has a lot of
radio stuff to control, so he built one..
Watch the video
Echo Sounding
with SDR

December 22, 2015
from the 2015 DCC
You don't have to be NASA.
You just have to be Tom.
Watch the video
December 22, 2015
from the 2015 DCC
Update on turning your HF Rig
into a real SDR.
Watch the video
From Navassa
to Palmyra

January 10, 2016
DXpedition master Bob Allphin K4UEE
reveals all in this in-depth conversation
Watch the video
Parity Tuesday
January 8, 2016
The Amateur Radio Parity Act
faces its first House Subcommittee Hearing
Watch the video
Open Source
Comm Framework

December 28, 2015
from the 2015 DCC
Cheaper, better international
cell and data?
Watch the video

CAT Controller
December 26, 2015
from the 2015 DCC
Knobs, buttons, a little color display,
powered by Arduino!
Watch the video

HF Receiver

December 22, 2015
from the 2015 DCC
As receivers get better (and more SDR),
testing has to keep up
Watch the video

Digital ATV Update
December 22, 2015
from the 2015 DCC
Digital ATV is getting cheaper and bigger
Watch the video

Open Hardware

December 7, 2015
from the 2015 DCC
Bruce Perens K6BP has changed
his mind on Open Hardware,
for a good reason
Watch the video


December 7, 2015
from the 2015 DCC
Can we talk to each other on DV?
K7VE thinks we can... maybe
Watch the video

Bandwidth for
Digital Voice

December 7, 2015
from the 2015 DCC
How much data does each more use?
And other stuff from K7UDR
Watch the video

Totally Awesome
System Switch

December 7, 2015
from the 2015 DCC
This microprocessor controlled
multiport switch is a TAPR Kit
Watch the video

Navassa DXpedition
November 12, 2015
This is the 'Official Trailer' for the K1N DVD Watch the video
On the Road (Again)
November 30, 2015
By popular demand, another road trip Watch the video
Welcome to the
DCC (etc.)

November 25, 2015
from the 2015 DCC
Learn what the DCC is all about
Watch the video
FlexRadio Update
October 10, 2015
from the 2015 DCC
N5AC teaches us some stuff
and Busts some Myths
about Software Defined Radio
Watch the video

Chicago or Bust
October 5, 2015
To the DCC!
Watch the video

2015 Preview
September29, 2015
we're gonna go anyway
(and here's why)

Watch the video
HOAs Oppose
September 7, 2015
ARRL Fights Back
ARRL President Kay Craigie N3KN
(oh, and the dues increase)

Watch the video
Techniques of the
Best Operators
September 1, 2015

W1SJ dares to tell you how to use your radio
Watch the video
Parity Rant
August 12, 2015
Or just let the League do it...
(you're going to be too busy complaining
about them raising your dues)

Watch the video
Plan B...
August 6, 2015
The DCC video KICKSTARTER failed, but...
Watch the video
Parity in the
July 29, 2015
Oh, and your Homeowner's Association rules
are not a 'private contract'

Watch the video
Lots of
Random Stuff
July 22, 2015
It's not like we've never done a catch-all
episode before, but Gary doesn't remember that

Watch the video
Adventures of a
Hacker turned
July 8, 2015
HackRF's Michael Ossmann AD0NR
at the TAPR/AMSAT Banquet
Where will the next generation of hams come from?

Watch the video
Intro to DMR
July 6, 2015

W2XAB's Intro to DMR (MotoTRBO) Forum
at the Hamvention

Watch the video
BS #4
June 15, 2015
Goodbye, Bill
Watch the video
What Field Day is
Really All About
June 9, 2015
you'll never guess
(and yes, this is click-bait)

Watch the video
June 7, 2015
a 'mini-DCC'
and the DCC Video KICKSTARTER goes Live!

Watch the video
Navassa Fever
June 5, 2015
Take two asprin and call them on 20 meters
Watch the video
K1N Navassa
June 1, 2015

Part 3 from the Hamvention DX Forum
Watch the video
Don Miller W9WNV
June 1, 2015

Part 2 from the Hamvention DX Forum
Watch the video
VK9MT Mellish Reef
June 1, 2015

Part 1 from the Hamvention DX Forum
Watch the video
DZ Kit
May 27, 2015

Not your father's Heathkit...
but it could be yours

Watch the video
for the
2015 DCC Video

May 22, 2015
And a slide show from our Hawaii vacation.
(and we can't launch the KICKSTARTER 'till June 2)
Watch the video
BS #3
April 22, 2015
You'd think we'd be getting better at this.
You'd be wrong.
Watch the video
Standing Up for
Standing Waves

April 21, 2015
You're less than two hours away from
finally understanding SWR
Watch the video

April 20, 2015
VE7QJ get's his 15 minutes of fame
(in about 4 minutes)
Watch the video
Grassroots on
Antenna Parity

April 12, 2015
House Bill 1301 awaits Watch the video
Tall Tales from the

April 7, 2015
Nothing to see here... move along Watch the video

DV System

March 21, 2015
W9HPX compares D-STAR, DMR and System Fusion
in this talk from the Charlotte Hamfest
Watch the video

HT of the Future
March 20, 2015
from the Orlando HamCation
If you're HT can't do all-mode
(analog and digital)
and run apps, well....
Watch the video

Diglital Voice is

March 3, 2015
Well, it's about to, if
CODEC2 inventor David Rowe VK5APH
has anything to say about it
(and he does)
Watch the video
The CW Geek
March 2, 2015
KB6NU helps you get started using Morse Code
(now that you don't have to)
Watch the video
Hams and RV's
February 24, 2015
from the Orlando HamCation
Go West... and North, and East, and South...
just don't try to go home!
Watch the video
'Comes Clean'

February 20, 2015
from the Orlando HamCation
This title is pure click-bait.
Go ahead and click...
Watch the video
Three Years Ago
in Orlando

February 18, 2015
from the Orlando HamCation
Your favorite Ham Radio 'podcast' was born
Watch the video
Internet and
Ham Radio

February 8, 2015
N5CSU reveals web sites,
tips and tricks for hams
Watch the video

January 19, 2015
from the 2014 DCC
The Making of FlexRadio:
Gerald Youngblood K5SDR
Watch the video
100 Years of
Ham Experience

January 11, 2015
2x50=100 Watch the video
System on a Chip
FPGA Programming

January 5, 2015
from the 2014 DCC
The Sunday Seminar
Chris Testa KD4BMH
Watch the video
Ham Radio

December 31, 2014
from the 2014 DCC
Stream Control Transmission Protocol:
Goodbye, TCP/IP?
Watch the video

December 31, 2014
from the 2014 DCC
A wide area, high-speed network.
Can Ham Radio duplicate the Internet?
Watch the video
Best Hobby

December 21, 2014
OK, lemme guess... stamp collecting?
Dave Bell W6AQ's memoir of a life
in Tevevision and Amateur Radio
Watch the video
Radio Companion

December 15, 2014
from the 2014 DCC
Draw your way to DSP
Watch the video
Clarifying the
Bell 202 Modem

December 15, 2014
from the 2014 DCC
Still used in Packet Radio...
but how well understood?
Watch the video
A Christmas Truce
December 3, 2014
Hams remember an unusual
World War I event
Watch the video
Radio Games
December 1, 2014
Contesting by any other name is still exciting...
... right?
Watch the video
Comm Vehicle

December 1, 2014
You know you want one...
until you get one....
Watch the video
High Speed
Networks for
UHF & Microwave

November 17, 2014
from the 2014 DCC
David Bern W2LNX dreams big
Watch the video
Algoram –
Open Souce DV

November 17, 2014
from the 2014 DCC
Bruce Perens K6BP (again!)
(can't get rid of that guy)
Watch the video
Riley at a
Radio Club

November 17, 2014
Insipration from retired
FCC "Ham Radio Cop"
Riley Hollingsworth K4ZDH
Watch the video

November 3, 2014
from the 2014 DCC
NW Digital's UHF 'data radio'
and a cute, little D-STAR 'add-on'
that's more than D-STAR
Watch the video

November 3, 2014
from the 2014 DCC
The latest from Ettus Research
Watch the video
Ham Radio at
the State Fair

October 28, 2014
A lot of work, a lot of reward
Watch the video
Off the Shelf SDR
October 25, 2014
from the 2014 DCC
WA2DFI installs and launches
not one but THREE SDR receivers
in one talk, and they work!
Watch the video
Digital ATV

October 21, 2014
from the 2014 DCC
K0PFX makes it easy to do
Digital ATV with DVB-T
Watch the video
October 10, 2014
from the 2014 DCC
W6HHC updates progress on
this Digital ATV transmitter
Watch the video
AMBE Exposed!
October 9, 2014
from the 2014 DCC
K6BP digs into that vocoder
everybody uses and asks 'why'?
Watch the video
TAPR & the Beach
October 9, 2014
(sort of) from the 2014 DCC
Hey, you got sand in my SDR!
Watch the video
On the Road (Home)
Sept 9, 2014
The trip home from the 2014 DCC
Two parts! Both online now.

Watch the video
at the DCC

Sept 6, 2014
from the 2014 DCC
Flex announces Open APIs
for the 6000 series SmartSDR
Watch the video
The Road to Austin..
Sept 3, 2014
..runs through Shelby, where they just
happened to be holding a hamfest.

Watch the video
Austin or Bust
August 28, 2014
10 days without and episode, and only 10 minutes?
Watch the video
System (con)Fusion

August 18, 2014
One more digital voice mode for VHF/UHF

Watch the video
Friday Night BS #2
July 30, 2014
Two hours and twenty-two minutes,
and not one drop of solder.

Watch the video
July 29, 2014
plus musical sensation
D-STAR and the Dongles

Watch the video
NO on 4969
(YES on SDR)
July 20, 2014
A contrary view on HR 4969,
the Amateur Radio Parity Act
(from a ham who likes SDR)

Watch the video
I'm Back...
July 17, 2014
Nothing from June 25 until now?
Watch the video
June 25, 2014
For Field Day... If You Hurry
(plenty to watch after you come back home)
Watch the video

Tuner on Steroids
Grounding on Auto
June 23, 2014

Tune it... ground it... just don't touch it
Watch the video
Launch for the
2014 DCC
June 22, 2014

We've sent the KICKSTARTER
project off for approval.
Austin, please stand by...
Watch the video
Hardened Power
June 16, 2014

Power you can count on
(no refrigerators, please)
And antennas you can reach
with your feet on the ground 
Watch the video
Friday Night BS #1
June 13, 2014
Yes, Friday the 13th.
And BS = Bull Session.
What were you thinking?
Watch the video
Collins &
June 12, 2014

Colletcing old Collins rigs is easier
than collecting old satellites
Watch the video
Hijinks and
Straight Keys
June 6, 2014

Hijinks is fun. Straight keys are serious. Don't confuse them. 
Watch the video
What's a
June 1, 2014

Just maybe the "Future of Amateur Radio" 
Watch the video
Great South Bay
May 29, 2014
We were their May club meeting program,
and we made it a show
Watch the video
May 29, 2014

Elecraft and TEN-TEC have some new toys
Watch the video
FlexRadio's 6300
May 25, 2014

6000 Series SDR out of reach?
Maybe not any more.

Watch the video
CQ Made It
to Dayton!
May 25, 2014

Did you wonder if CQ would be a no-show at Dayton?
We did!

Watch the video
to the MAX
May 14, 2014
It begins with the usual ARISS contact...
then gets the HamRadioNow treatment
Watch the video
Meet Joe Ham(m)
May 6, 2014
and all the Hams are above average.... Watch the video
This is only a test
April 17, 2014
hope you studied. We told you
this would be on the test
Watch the video
Shirt off my Back
April 9, 2014
it's better to look good than to feel good
(and you'll look marvelous)
Watch the video
Please Stand By
April 5, 2014
just some filler until we do a real show Watch the video
Symbol Rate
March 23, 2014
or Digital Solves All Your Problems
Bruce Perens K6BP
Watch the video
March 20, 2014
Yes, we're talking DMR/MOTOTRBO and
D-STAR in one handheld radio
Watch the video

March 12, 2014
"Slide Shows" from the recent
Wake Atoll and Amsterdam Island
Watch the video
CQ Magazine

March 11, 2014
CQ editor Rich Moseson W2VU tells us what happend,
and what the future holds for CQ
Watch the video
WW8N Tower Case
March 6, 2014
So you want to put up a tower... Watch the video
(Fox Hunting)

February 25, 2014
Run, Ham, Run... Watch the video
HRN at the

February 22, 2014
Save us a seat in the balcony Watch the video
for 60 Meters

February 10, 2014
So maybe we'll get a band...
here's what Gary wants to do with it!
Watch the video
A 60-Meter BAND?

January 31, 2014
WRC-15 is coming Watch the video
Adventures of a
Time Nut

January 26, 2014
From the 2013 DCC
Make time for this episode!
Watch the video

January 26, 2014
From the 2013 DCC
Become a rich Android developer. Start here.
This is a three-part episode from the
Sunday Seminar.
Watch the video

January 19, 2014
From the 2013 DCC
A 6-GHZ really high speed network in Seattle
Watch the video
NextGen Networking

January 19, 2014
From the 2013 DCC
Ideas on Narrowband IP over Amateur Radio
Watch the video

January 14, 2014
not... from the DCC
We're now One-and-One for Kickstarter
(that's one way to look at it)
Watch the video
GNURadio for

January 11, 2014
From the 2013 DCC
Dig into SDR deeper.
Watch the video
January 11, 2014
From the 2013 DCC
A little SDR transciever everybody wants
Watch the video
FreeDV & Stuff
January 11, 2014
From the 2013 DCC
Open Source evangalist K6BP lets loose
Watch the video
High(er) Performance

January 11, 2014
From the 2013 DCC
It could be better!
Watch the video
January 7, 2014
From the 2013 DCC
really B.A.T.M.A.N., with all the periods
Watch the video
January 4, 2014
From the 2013 DCC
Open isn't just for software anymore
Watch the video
Digital Marathon
January 4, 2014
From the 2013 DCC
D-STAR for the Twin-Cities Marathon
Watch the video
January 4, 2014
From the 2013 DCC
It's not just for HF anymore... but there are reservations
Watch the video
NPR Testing
December 29, 2013
From the 2013 DCC
All Things Considered, this old technique
for measuring receiver performance just might
tell you something about your radio.
Watch the video

December 28, 2013
From the 2013 DCC
Translation: (click here)
Watch the video
FlexRadio 6000

December 22, 2013
From the 2013 DCC
The FlexRadio 6000 radios are out... here's what's inside
Watch the video
APRS Mobile with Raspberry Pi
December 22, 2013
From the 2013 DCC
complete with map display, cheap(er)
Watch the video
Ham Web Services

December 20, 2013
From the 2013 DCC
Making sure you can legally press the PTT
over the web
Watch the video
Dynamic Web

December 20, 2013
From the 2013 DCC
What to consider for your Ditigal
Ham Radio Web Site Design
Watch the video
Christmas Card
December 18, 2013
Just goofing around making a half-hour selfie,
with a message, of course
Watch the video
Welcome to the
2013 DCC

December 15, 2013
From the 2013 DCC
If you think you might want to go,
this will give you an idea of what to expect.
Watch the video

December 7, 2013
A new "Discover Amateur Radio..." video
not so approved (by us, anyway)
Watch the video
Last Ham...
Still Standing

December 3, 2013
The long-awaited return of Ham Radio to Last Man Standing Watch the video
Orlando & Dayton

December 2, 2013
KICKSTARTING the video... not the hamfests Watch the video
ARRL Update
November 14, 2013
from the Huntsville Hamfest...
Centennial National Convention, and 
the Android App for digital QST
Watch the video

September 21, 2012
from the 2012 DCC
The Forgotten Episode — Bdale Garbee KB0G
on AMSAT's Fox-1 CubeSAT
Watch the video
Hams and

October 21, 2013
from the Shelby Hamfest...
Be Prepared... Be Very Prepared
Watch the video
Call Signs

October 15, 2013
from the Huntsville Hamfest...
For the show-off in all of us
Watch the video
Hooray for
the Cubans!

October 14, 2013
from the Huntsville Hamfest...
Cuba is the key to a full-fledged 60-Meter BAND?
Who would have guessed?
Watch the video
A Tale of Two
Emcomm RVs

October 12, 2013
You're going to want one Watch the video
Big Whoop!
October 2, 2013
So we made it to 100... doesn't everybody? Watch the video
Yaesu Announces
Digital Repeater

September 21, 2013
From the 2013 DCC
Here's the announcement made at the DCC
Watch the video
On the Road
to the DCC

September 14, 2013
Collecting our travel from Raleigh to Seattle Watch the video
Ward Silver N0AX
... for Dummies

September 11, 2013
If you read this book... are you admitting something? Watch the video
Young Ham
of the Year

September 5, 2013
from the Huntsville Hamfest:
Another bright young ham you should get to know
Watch the video
FlexRadio Update
September 5, 2013
from the Huntsville Hamfest:
The 6's are coming (ok, they're here)
Watch the video

August 30, 2013
from the Shelby Hamfest:
Yep, you did it!
Watch the video
August 26, 2013
from the Huntsville Hamfest:
Turns out that life is long enough!
Watch the video
Digital Comm. Conf.

August 23, 2013
from the Huntsville Hamfest:
Mel Whitten K0PFX talks DCC, Gary talks KICKSTARTER
Watch the video
August 20, 2013
from the Huntsville Hamfest:
It's the George & TommyShow...
Watch the video
for DCC Video

August 10, 2013
"Inside HamRadioNow" - a show about the show.
We've launched a KICKSTARTER to cover
producing video of the 2013 ARRL and TAPR
Digital Communications Conference
Watch the video
Monitoring Times

August 5, 2013
Bob Grove W8JHD puts the magazine to bed after 35 years Watch the video
Michael Kalter W8CI

August 1, 2013

88? Our "Hugs and Kisses" episode (sorry, Michael)

Watch the video
Hamming in Guam
July 23, 2013

HamRadioNow travels to... Dayton.
So did KH2JU, and we talked to him there.

Watch the video
Randy Hall K7AGE

July 19, 2013

oops, we mean NOT a Podcaster....
Watch the video
AMSAT's Fox-1
July 9, 2013

The Whale's HT's Don't Have PL
Watch the video
June 27, 2013

The "Dayton" of Europe
(it's pronounced FREED-ricks-haffen)

Watch the video
Boy Scout

June 24, 2013

Not Jamboree On theAir....
Jamboree (... on the air)

Watch the video
June 20, 2013
We build a dipole.
You can too (faster than it takes to watch this show!)
Watch the video
Why the Heck
Would Anyone
Want to Operate
Digital Voice?

June 5, 2013

I suppose this episode thinks it explains why. 
And it takes two hours to do it.

Watch the video
"Meets the Press"

May 30, 2013

She's Kay Craigie N3KN. We're the press.
Watch the video
The Last
BIG Field Day

May 29, 2013
The Last BIG Field Day?
What's up with that?
Watch the video
Dayton 2013
Tour & Intro

May 26, 2013

Our Hamvention coverage begins in the flea market....
Watch the video
hamShack Switch
Birth of a Product

May 13, 2013
Clean up that rat's nest of cables and make your mic /key / soundcard / antenna / etc. switching as easy as a click of your mouse.
Watch the video
A Visit to the
Hawaiian Beacon

May 4, 2013
Hawaii Beacon founder Paul Leib KH6HME became a silent key last year, but the beacon lives on in his memory, supported by a new club dedicated to preserving and extending Paul's legacy.
Watch the video
Ham Radio at the
Boston Marathon
Part Two

April 18, 2013
Part Two
Amateur Radio operation at the Boston Marathon is a big,complex event. How do new hams learn how to do it? What do you need to know to participate?
Watch the video
Ham Radio at the
Boston Marathon
Part One

April 18, 2013
Part One
Twin bomb blasts rocked the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Ham Radio operators were nearby, conducting routine operations in suport of First Aid, logictics and transportation. Learn what happened next from the hams who were there.
Watch the video
Properly Specing
Power Transformers

April 8, 2013
From the Orlando HamCation...

don't seem to understand a few things about power transformers, and if you build custom transformers based on bad specs, you have a problem!

Watch the video
Digital Modes for
Alabama ARES

April 5, 2013
From the Huntsvi... er, the Orlando HamCation...

Before and after the HF SSB net
, it's all digital

Watch the video

April 4, 2013
From the Orlando HamCation...

Saving 10 meters, one ham at a time
Watch the video
West Palm Beach
Amateur Radio Group

March 28, 2013
From the Orlando HamCation...
The Hamvention's Club of the Year runs a ham station at the South Florida Science Museum, introducing hundreds of kids a year to Ham Radio
Watch the video
The Last
Ham Standing

March 20, 2013
Gary and ARRL's Allen Pitts W1AGP review last Friday's
ABC TV show Last Man Standing that featured the cast
operating amateur radio.
Watch the video
W4PC talks
Ham Radio Deluxe

March 17, 2013
From the Orlando HamCation...

Version 6 is out, and we talk all about it with Rick W4PC
(while we're not busy imitating AM Disk Jockeys)
Watch the video

March 16, 2013
From the Orlando HamCation...

Easier than ever, but still not with an HT
Watch the video
5 Year Old Ham
Ethan Kemp

March 15, 2013
Helping bring down the average age of hams all by himself....
Watch the video
March 6, 2013
From the Orlando HamCation...

Some big changes underway at QCWA
Watch the video
Will the REAL
Ham Radio
Please Stand Up?

March 4, 2013
From the Orlando HamCation...

90 minutes of pure punditry, with CQ Editor W2VU.
Watch the video
SDR Forum at
the 2009
Dayton Hamvention

May 2009
From the ARVN Archives - 2009 Hamvention®

Some of the top names in Ham Radio SDR address a big crowd at the Hamvention.
Watch the video
Designing the
Mercury SDR

September 2008
From the ARVN Archives - 2008 TAPR DCC

How much more SDR can you take? 

How much more can you learn?  
Watch the video
Software Defined
Radio Basics
with FLEXRadio

February 20, 2013
From the Orlando HamCation...
You've heard of SDR, but what is it really, how does it work, and most importantly, what does it do for you? FLEXRadio's Greg Jurrens K5GJ runs us through the basics.
Watch the video
Planning the
ARRL Centennial

February 17, 2013
From the Orlando HamCation...
The ARRL turns 100 next year, and big plans are afoot... including bringing the ARRL National Convention to Hartford as a standalone event.
Watch the video
Worldwide Online
Repeater Directory

February 16, 2013
From the Orlando HamCation...
Bob Greenberg W2CYK introduces Rfinder, the Worldwide Repeater Directory, on iOS, Android, and the Web.
Watch the video
N3ZN Keys
February 14, 2013
From the Orlando HamCation...
Tony Baleno N3ZN makes beautiful keys, and once in a while you can convince him to sell you one.
Watch the video
Yaesu Update

February 14, 2013
From the Orlando HamCation...
The news will be at Dayton, as Kenwood and Yaesu are awaiting the arrival of new stuff in their lineups. And Gary appears to be scaring off the reps?
Watch the video

ICOM 7100
Hand's On

February 13, 2013
From the Orlando HamCation...
Jeff & Gary poke and prod at the touchscreen display of the new ICOM 7100 HF/VHF/UHF mobile radio. 
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Episodes INTRO

February 13, 2013
From the Orlando HamCation...
The Jeff & Gary Show, as our boys talk before the HamCation begins about what they expect to find, and... other stuff.
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Bdale Garbee KB0B
Saturday Banquet
talk from the DCC

February 3, 2013
From the DCC...
If a lot of the DCC has been too technical, this isn't. The banquet talk — sort of a 'keynote' address — is more of an up-close-and-
personal look at the lives and accomplishments of the kind of hams you find at the leading edge of technical development in our hobby.
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Ski Break:
Skiing and Scanning

February 1, 2013
Where have we been? Gone Skiing..... Watch the video
A Tale of
Two Three Hamfests

January 16, 2013
Sunday's Dead... Long Live Friday! Watch the video
GNU Radio

January 16, 2013
From the DCC...
GNU Radio Project Leader Tom Rondeau KB3UKZ gets deep into this development and experimentation platform in the TAPR DCC Sunday Seminar. This four-hour lecture comes in four segments.
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Gary and the Giz
on the Fizz

January 13, 2013
Fair warning: this is for TWiT Fans, Gary fans, or both. Our KN4AQ wangled himself a guest appearance as the "Chatroom Celebrity of the Week" on the Giz Fizz... Watch the video
D-STAR Data Modes
January 9, 2013
From the DCC...
Do you operate D-STAR? Yes? Have you ever used the low-speed data that's part of your signal every time you transmit? No? In this talk from the DCC, John Davis WB4QDX shows you how easy it is.
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January 8, 2013
From the DCC...
Moe Wheatley AE4JY reveals how he designed the hardware side of the D-STAR DV Access Point Dongle (aka DVAP).
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HF Digital Voice:
FDMDV2 and

January 5, 2013
From the DCC...
If your name is (or is close to) Whitten, then you might be interested in HF Digital Voice. Especially if you have a 'Zero' in your call sign. And there's some good news on the near horizon for anyone ... Whitten or not... so inclined.
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A Social Mesh
January 5, 2013
From the DCC...
Sri (Devabhaktuni Srikrishna) is proposing a new way to get your mobile Internet... and give it, too. That's what makes it Social.
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Situational Awarness
etc., Using
Amateur Radio

December 27, 2012
From the DCC...
That's not the whole title. The "etc" covers a lot of territory. Aleks Rohde W3JAG looks at some things Ham Radio can be doing at the very local level to get better information up the chain in emergencies.
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Handheld SDR
December 27, 2012
From the DCC...
Chris Testa KD2BMH wants to take SDR with him, in handheld form. That's not as easy as you might think. And that clunky box you see in the poster frame isn't it! Well, it was the prototype, sort of.
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FCC Year in Review
December 22, 2012
At first, this seemed like a good idea. Now, we're not so sure. Watch the video
Dynamic Modulation

December 17, 2012
From the DCC...
Shashank Gaur and his masters degree classmates from Ecole Centrale d'Electronique in Paris are experimenting with ways to dynamically change digital modulation modes to adapt to changing conditions for maximum throughput, using USRP radios.
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High Speed
Networking on
420 MHz

December 17, 2012
From the DCC...
David Bern W2LNX looks into long distance, high-bandwidth digital signals using low-power, off-the-shelf data radios in the 420 MHz band.
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Behind the Curtains

From the DCC...
Hessu Hannikainen OH7LZB takes us behind the scenes of his web site APRS.FI. Lots of info for users as well as tekkies.
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Yet Another
APRS Client

From the DCC...
But not just another pretty interface. Andrew KA2DDO is building a multiplatform APRS program that makes Bob Bruninga smile. See why....
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Open Source
APRS-IS Server

December 5, 2012
From the DCC...
Hessu Hannikainen OH7LZB, developer of the web site APRS.FI,
describes development of an open-source server for the APRS-IS network that distributes APRS data worldwide.
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Packet Hailing
Channel &

December 5, 2012
From the DCC...
NW Digital Radio's Bryan Hoyer K7UDR and John Hays K7VE update a pair of old ideas: a packet hailing channel (you never guess which he recommends, and who thinks it's a good idea), and AMPRNet44.
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FlexRadio –
SDR Architecture

November 28, 2012
From the DCC...
FlexRadio's Stephen Hicks N5AC gives us more than a primer on SDR and FlexRadio's new 6000 series.
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November 27, 2012
From the DCC...
An update on the hardware and software in TAPR's High Performance Software Defined Radio 'kit.'
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November 26, 2012
From the DCC...
ARISSat-1 was a huge success. But what did we (hams, AMSAT, the education community) get out of it? AMSAT did a survey to find out. No, really, it's way more interesting than you think!
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What's TAPR?
November 26, 2012
Gary talks to TAPR President Steve Bible N7HPR about what TAPR has become, and what the DCC is all about. Watch the video

A Ham's Night
Before Christmas

December, 1996
"T'was the night before Christmas,
and all through two-meters,
not a signal was keying up any repeaters."
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California Dreamin'
(Stuff, California, TWiT, Leo)

November 15, 2012
Jeff AC4ZO is back for a two-part episode that finally takes us out to California (with a stop in Atlanta... you can't get anywhere without a stop in Atlanta) for that TWiT tour and an interview with Leo Laporte W6TWT, among other stuff. OK, a lot of other stuff. So much that this episode comes in two three parts. Watch the video

Hurricane Sandy

November 5, 2012
Hurricane Sandy is gone. Ham Radio was there, of course. What did we do? What did we learn? K2ZA returns for a follow-up, and is joined by ARRL's Emergency Prep Manager Mike Corey KI1U for a review. Watch the video

NJ Hams
Prep for a

October 28, 2012
Gary talks to SNJ SEC John Zaruba K2ZA about emcomm... and a little about the approaching hurricane. Watch the video

2008 D-STAR
Forum and
Friday Night Event

October 25, 2012
This is history in the making. And almost four hours of non-stop D-STAR from its early days. Meet many of the hams who helped bring D-STAR to the US, and expand it for the world. Watch the video

The Huntsville
Hamfest Guy

October 19, 2012
Charlie Emerson N4OKL is the benevolent dictator of the Huntsville Hamfest. Charlie's now saying, "Wait... is THAT what they got out of the interview?" Not really. But Huntsville isn't like most hamfests, and Charlie explains why. Then he confuses HamRadioNow with Ham Nation. And finally, the Mouse visits Gary as he wraps up the episode. So don't tune out early. Watch the video

Transformer Guy

October 18, 2012
Peter Eggiman builds transformers. Little ones, big ones, and really big ones, for business and for hams. Jeff AC4ZO talks to Peter about the technology, after Gary does a "pledge drive" and a short visit from The Bear. Watch the video

Steve Mendelsohn

October 12, 2012
Newsline's Bill Pasternack WA6ITF interviewed his long-time friend Steve Mendelsohn W2ML last October, just a few months before Steve died of pancreatic cancer. Watch the video

Balloon Man &
Rocket Man

October 12, 2012
Bill Brown WB8ELK sends balloons carrying ham radio to the edge of space. David Stephenson KJ4OKJ sent rockets deep into space (not by himself... with a little outfit called NASA). They each have a story you'll likely find interesting, and they're both here in Episode 27. Watch the video

Taking Ham Radio

October 1, 2012
Why do hams need publicity? And what do we say to the public? Ed Tyler N4EDT is an ARRL Public Information Coordinator with some unusual ideas on the subject. Watch the video

Turns 30!

October 1, 2012
Popular Communications Magazine had it's 30th anniversary issue in September! Gary talks to editor Richard Fisher KI6SN about this magazine dedicated to the radio listening hobby. Watch the video

Donate Your Radio

September 27, 2012
You've seen the ads. But you'll be surprised to learn what's behind them. This time, Jeff AC4ZO anchors the program and talks to Joe Fairclough, the man behind the WB2JKJ call sign. Watch the video

Jeff Drew N4JDU

September 27, 2012
When OMIK was formed in the 1950's, race was an issue. The few black hams formed the group so they'd have someone to talk to (each other). Today, it's all about outreach, bringing Ham Radio and technology to a segment of the population that doesn't see much of it. Watch the video

Women in
Ham Radio?
Mary Moore WX4MM

September 18, 2012
What do women want? And is it any different (or easier to understand) if the women are hams? This episode won't answer any of those questions. But it's fun to watch, anyway. Watch the video

Rick Ruhl W4PC
Ham Radio Deluxe

September 18, 2012
If you don't use Ham Radio Deluxe, you probably know someone who does. Gary talks to new owner Rick Ruhl W4PC about what's been happening with this popular 'kitchen sink' software. Watch the video

DVDongle Inventor

Robin Cutshaw AA4RC
September 12, 2012
Robin Cutshaw AA4RC is most famous (in D-STAR circles) for inventing the DVDongle, and then the DVAP. Get to know Robin, and learn how he got started in D-STAR in this in-depth conversation with KN4AQ. Watch the video

Going to MARS?

September 5 2012
There's a lot going on at AMSAT, as their President Barry Baines WD4ASW tells Gary in this in-depth interview. So are they going to Mars? Maybe.... Watch the video

ARRL Update
CQ Editor Chat

September 3 2012
The ARRL National Convention is right around the corner. Bob Inderbitzen NQ1R gives us the details. And CQ editor Rich Moseson W2VU talks with Gary & Jeff about why we're not celebrating the most specific date we have for ham radio being 100, and reveals that some hams cheat in contest scoring (we're shocked... shocked). Watch the video

Young Ham
of the Year

August 28 2012
Meet Newsline's Young Ham of the Year, 18-year-old Erin King AK4JG. Erin's just starting her Freshman year at MIT. Before heading there, she talked at length with HamRadioNow's KN4AQ at the Huntsville Hamfest, where she accepted the YHOTY award. Watch the video

Happy Birthday,
Ham Radio

August 13, 2012
Ham Radio turns 100 this year. Doesn't look a day over 98! Gary marks the occasion with his shortest program yet (12 minutes), and then it's time to eat the cake. Watch the video

Grounding for
Lightning Protection

August 7, 2012
Tom Lewis N4TL gave a talk on grounding ham stations at a radio club meeting recently, and HAMRADIONOW cameras were there.

Please note that neither Tom nor 
HAMRADIONOW assume liability for protection of your station, equipment or home. This informaton is useful, but the safety of your station is your responsibility.
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Simple Station/
Field Day Antenna
Launching Contest

June 23, 2012
The simple station we set up for Field Day can be a template for your home station. And you'll enjoy watching some over-the-top equipment compete for antenna launching distance and accuracy. Watch the video

Field Day:
Get Up and GOTA

June 15, 2012
How's your GOTA going? That's the Get On The Air station for new hams and non-hams at Field Day. Jeff & Gary talk about how they do it, and present some really cute video of the kids and an adult or two) operating GOTA from last year. Watch the video

Episode 12
2012 Dayton

May 18-20, 2012
  • FCC Forum
  • D-STAR Training
  • Hamvention TOUR

The Hamvention® in five parts. The first two are Episode 12A, the FCC Forum, and Episode 12B, D-STAR Training.  The next three are part of the legendary Hamvention Tour with Jeff AC4ZO and Gary KN4AQ. Separate segments for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Watch it now:
12A - FCC Forum
Watch the video

12B - D-STAR

Watch the video

12C - the TOUR

Watch the video

FCC Forum
2011 Hamvention

May 21, 2011

No, we're not predicting the future, this is from last year, the 2011 Dayton Hamvention®, part of that footage we shot but never released. Here you can get a refresher on what the FCC was working on last year. If you think that's old news, you haven't paid much attention to how fast the FCC works! It's worth reviewing before this year's event.
Watch the video

Power Line Noise

May 21, 2010

From ARVN's video vault: a seminar we shot at the 2010 Dayton Hamvention®, but never released. Ed Hare W1RFI's tips on identifying and locating noise sources, and working with the power company to fix the ones they're responsible for.
Watch the video

A: Hamfest Fun
B: Before You Die
April 25, 2012
A two-part episode from Gary's local hamfest. Hamfest Fun is a look at some of the things this medium-size fest does to set it apart. Before You Die is an interview with a ham who specializes in helping families dispose of the radio equipment a deceased ham leaves behind. Watch the video

The FCC's
April 5, 2012
The FCC has issued a Public Notice, asking hams and our served agencies about the stuff that keeps us from doing our job in emergency communications... especially CC&R's. They want to hear from you! The ARRL's Dave Sumner K1ZZ helps Gary figure it out. Watch the video

Digital Mobile Radio
April 4, 2012
Not everyone is waiting for Yaesu to introduce their line of digital voice VHF/UHF equipment. A few thousand hams are already using the DMR protocol with business band equipment brought into the ham bands, complete with repeaters and world-wide networks. Watch the video

New Ham Band
March 24, 2012
The recently concluded World Radio Conference (WRC-12) approved a new ham 'band': 472-479 kHz. Brennon Price N4QX gives Gary all the details and background about how this happened, and how we avoided some interference threats. Watch the video

Digital Edition

March 24, 2012
The ARRL's QST magazine is going Digital starting this June. Bob Inderbitzen NQ1R tells Gary how and why... and lots more. Watch the video

The Tech Guy
March 19, 2012
False Advertising!  Or at least misleading. Yes, Leo Laporte W6TWT — The Tech Guy — appears in this episode, and he's talking to Gary. Because he called into the show and got to talk to Leo for about 10 minutes (and he gave Ham Radio Now a great plug). But most of this episode is just Gary doing some housekeeping, talking about the podcast and answering viewer comments. So viewer beware! This is only for serious fans of KN4AQ. Others just bump right up to Episode 5. Watch the video

Wireless Assn

March 12, 2012
This is a great conversation with Ron Lawrence W4RON, president of the Carolina's Chapter of the Antique Wireless Association. We talked about an old Atwater Kent (Model 10) that Ron had on display, and their conference coming up March 22-24 in Charlotte. This talk was embedded in our visit to the Charlotte NC Hamfest Watch the video

News from our sister site, Amateur Radio//Video News:
Feb 11, 2012
Our video from the Ham Radio Deluxe Forum at the Orlando HamCation is now on-line over at ARVN! This is the whole forum, not a preview, so once you've seen all you can stand here at HamRadioNow, check out the HRD forum. HamRadioDeluxe

The Orlando

Feb 27, 2012
12 videos for the price of one! 11 wide-ranging interviews  (plus Gary's introduction) on people, products and ideas for and about Amateur Radio, assembled at the Orlando HamCation. Watch the video

The Orlando
HamCation Tour

Feb 10-11-12, 2012
In our premiere episode, Gary spends a little too much time introducing the podcast and explaining what we're up to, before we finally get to the meat of the episode, a whilrwind tour of the Orlando Hamcation, one of the large hamfests that can stake claim to being #2 in size behind the Dayton Hamvention®. Watch the video

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