Special Edition
Steve Mendelsohn W2ML
October 12, 2012
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Steve Mendelsohn W2ML, who passed away earlier this year, was an extremely active, enthusiastic ham. Among other things, he was an ARRL Vice-President and ran the ham radio communications for the New York Marathon. Professionally he was a broadcast engineer for CBS and ABC, and did frequency coordination for the NFL. Last year, Steve was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Knowing that he had a short time to live, and a vibrant story to tell, Newsline's Bill Pasternack WA6ITF interviewed Steve at the 2011 Pacificon hamfest. HamRadioNow is honored to present that interview. If you knew Steve - and many hams did - you may yet learn a few things you didn't know. If you didn't, then take this rare opportunity to hear the story of a ham's ham.

Special Edition: Steve Mendelsohn W2ML
running time: 37 minutes

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