Episode 45
Digital Amateur Radio in Support of
Situational Awareness,
Common Operating Picture and
Community Resilience for
21st Century Emergency Communications
Produced December 27, 2012
'Click the Pig'
That's the whole title up there, and it's the only place we've got enough room to fit it all in. If you think a title this long must come from the government, you're sort of right. Aleks Rohde W3JAG is a retired Coloner and lawyer in the Army, and she has worked with Homeland Security (if fact, she coined that name). We don't need to tell you what the talk is about – the title says it all. And it only takes a little longer to read than the whole talk takes to watch. It's "operational," not really technical, and covers some important stuff hams can and should be doing at the very local level.

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Episode 45: Situational Awareness, etc
running time: 40 minutes

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