Episode 32
California Dreamin'
(Stuff, California, TWit, Leo, Stuff)
November 15, 2012
'Click the Pig'
Part One: We've been promising video from the TWiT Studios, and an interview with Chief TWiT Leo Laporte W6TWT, for some time now. And this isn't it! But it will be in Part Two, just down this page. Here in Part One, Jeff AC4ZO returns to HAMRADIONOW, but he can't keep Gary from rambling on about a lot of non-ham stuff he did in Atlanta and California. That's the "Stuff." In Atlanta, a visit to the Coke Museum, the Georgia Aquarium, CNN (where Gary fantasizes about being an anchor), and a Segway tour. And in the Silicon Valley area of California (that Gary keeps calling "Southern California"... sorry) a nod to Pacificon and some fellow podcasters, some computer history, and a tour of the Stanford University ham station.

Part Two: the video that two or three of you have said they're anxiously waiting for! An elaborate tour of (and below) the impressive TWiT Studios in Petaluma, California, conducted by Studio Manager John Slanina (aka JammerB), and Gary's interview with Leo Laporte W6TWT, the Chief TWiT himself, where they talk mostly about... ham radio!

Part Three: We hadn't planned on this, but there was some footage left over from Part Two that gives an even more complete look at the TWiT Studios, and especially the ham station. And a little more Leo on the air doing The Tech Guy radio show. So here it is!

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Episode 32: California Dreamin' - Part One
running time: 41 minutes
(Part Two is below... don't miss it)

Episode 32: California Dreamin' - Part Two
running time: 51 minutes

Episode 32: California Dreamin' - Part Three - TWiT  EXtra
running time: 15 minutes

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