Episode 30
NJ Hams Prep for a Sand(y)Storm
October 28, 2012
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As Hurricane Sandy lashes out at the East Coast from several hundred miles out in the Atlantic (with a bullseye on New Jersy), Gary talks to ARRL South New Jersey Section Emergency Coordinator John Zaruba K2ZA. They were supposed to talk about what hams are doing to prepare for this "Frankenstorm," but spent the better part of an hour on the state of ham radio emcomm, generally how we need to be more digital. So if you still have power and Internet, watch this one and see what you think.

This is Gary's first full WireCast/Skype program! It went OK, but like ham radio emcomm, it needs some fine-tuning.

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Episode 30: NJ Hams Prep for a Sand(y)Storm
running time: 56 minutes

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