Episode 22
Meet Mary Moore WX4MM
Former President, YLRL
September 18, 2012
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Men are from 80 Meters; Women are from 10 Meters. What Do YL's Want? Got any other book titles we can subvert for this episode?

Gary contends that a communications hobby that's mostly men is a contradiction. He and former YLRL President Mary Moore WX4MM bat that and a bunch of other gender-related subjects around in this fun interview that Gary hopes will bring a few more women into the ranks of 
HAMRADIONOW.tv viewers (we're below 6% now).

At the end of the episode is a short blurb from a new audio podcast: YARPhams.com. That's Youth in Amateur Radio Podcast, a crew of young hams taking on some of the big subjects in Ham Radio. Interesting to get their perspective. We should interview them sometime soon!

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Episode 22: Mary Moore WX4MM, YLRL and Women in Ham Radio
running time: 35 minutes

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