Episode 20
Meet Robin Cutshaw AA4RC
Co-Inventor of the DVDongle/DVAP
September 12, 2012
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This episode is all D-STAR. Fair warning! Robin Cutshaw AA4RC sat down with HAMRADIONOW.tv's KN4AQ for a long conversation about how he discovered D-STAR, found that while it was an advance in Ham Radio technology, there were a few things missing. And he set out to include them. It began with a few software gimmicks, then morphed into DPLUS software that allowed linked repeaters and reflectors, and soon became a growing line of hardware (DVDongle, DVAP, UHF-DVAP).

Other D-STAR video (and more) from ARVN:
  • HamRadioNow Episode 12-B  D-STAR Training Class at the 2012 Dayton Hamvention®
  • 2011 D-STAR Forum at the Dayton Hamvention (on-line video).
  • 2009 D-STAR Forum at the Dayton Hamvention (DVD)
  • 2008 D-STAR Meetings at... you guessed it, the Hamvention. This is an early peek at how D-STAR developed in America. It's going to be a classic bit of history. Only on DVD for now.
  • Digital Voice for Amateur Radio. Our first big documentary, it covered digital voice on HF and VHF/UHF. Most of the VHF/UHF part is D-STAR, with a few minutes on P-25. We produced it in 2008. Seems like yesterday, but all the DPLUS linking stuff is missing. It's still a good grounding in the D-STAR basics.
  • Repeaters from A to D: A D-STAR Primer. This isn't video, it's a free PDF document written by ARVN's KN4AQ with an in-depth explanation of what D-STAR is and how it works from the operator's perspective. The link takes you to the ARVN "OtherStuff" page. Scroll down for the article.
  • Programming D-STAR Radios. KN4AQ's most "how-to" video on programming those mysterious call sign fields in ICOM's IC-92, 2820, and ID-800. This one's also a little old, and misses D-PLUS linking.

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Episode 20: Meet DVDongle Inventor Robin Cutshaw AA4RC
running time: 61 minutes

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