Episode 19
Barry Baines WD4ASW
September 5, 2012
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AMSAT President Barry Baines WD4ASW stopped by the HAMRADIONOW.tv 'studio' at the Shelby Hamfest at the end of the day on Saturday, and Gary asked if he could do "a 15-minute interview." They finished nearly an hour later, as everyone around them had covered their tables and headed for dinner. So there's a lot going on at AMSAT. Exciting stuff like commanding a remote-control vehicle with instructions relayed through the ISS (think Mars Curiosity Rover). And like writing grant proposals and education materials (OK, fewer of us will find that exciting, but they need it). As Barry said, "This isn't your grandfather's AMSAT" anymore. Find out what's coming up in this in-depth interview.

*AMSAT on Mars? Sort of, kind of. Probably. Maybe. Someday. Well, let's just say they aren't ruling it out. And somebody's working on it.

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Episode 19: AMSAT Update
running time: 60 minutes

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