Episode 18
ARRL: National Convention Coming
CQ Magazine: 100 Years? Big Deal :>(
(and by the way, you cheat in our contests...)
September 3, 2012
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Back to Huntsville for a couple more conversations. First, it's the ARRL's  Bob Inderbitzen NQ1R, with the scoop on the ARRL National Convention at Pacificon next month. Then CQ Magazine editor Rich Moseson W2VU speculates with Gary and Jeff on why our hundred-year anniversary of being 'official' seems to be no big deal, and he tells us about how... and why... CQ's contest reporting is being accelerated.

Added treat - Gary's short video of a BikeMS event, and a visit from the Bear.

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Episode 18: ARRL and CQ
running time: 71 minutes

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