Episode 15
Grounding for Ligntning Protection
August 7, 2012
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You're grounded, young man (or young lady)! Or at least you ought to be. How many of us have an adaquate ground system and lightning protection for our station? What is an adaquate ground system?. Tom Lewis N4TL saw first-hand what lightning damage could do, so he decided to educate himself to see if he could better protect his equipment and his home. He did a lot of research, and he shared that in programs at a QCWA chapter, the Raleigh Amateur Radio Society, and now with you.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: While we believe that this is useful information, we do not guarantee that following it will provide adaquate protection for you, your equipment or your home. Lightning protection is your responsibility. This program gives you a start. It's up to you to continue your education and provide the best protection you can.

REFERENCE INFORMATION: Download this pdf for a copy of the reference information that Tom used in this talk.

Also in this show....

Episode 14 featured a Field Day Antenna Launching Contest from the 
Raleigh Amateur Radio Society field day. But the contest video ended in a cliff-hanger! Did a vital shot hit the target, or not? It was too close to call for those watching live. A replay of the video revealed the truth. But the contest organizer asked us to hold the results until after the August club meeting. Now we can tell all, and we do, at the beginning of this Episode.

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Episode 15: Grounding for Lightning Protection
running time: 63 minutes

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