Episode 13
Field Day:
Get Up and GOTA
May 21, 2011
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'Click the Pig'
W.C.Fields is alleged to have said "Never work with children or animals." Always up for a risk, this episode of HamRadioNow features both. The children are operating a Field Day GOTA (Get On The Air) station. The animals are two of Gary's cats, who make guest appearances in the studio as we record this podcast. Sharing billing with Maui and the Bear is Jeff Wittich AC4ZO, who survived the Hamvention with only minor damage to his wallet.

Jeff and Gary sat down to record this episode, and were kind of surprised to find that almost 90 minutes had elapsed when they finished! If you're a Jeff & Gary fan, this episode is for you! But what could they talk about for so long?

Well, Gary whined about all the editing he was doing, and Jeff complained a bit about poor operating procedure – always a popular topic. Come to think of it, so did Gary. Jeff reveals a secret improvement for hanging dipoles.

But mostly they looked at footage that Gary shot and edited from last year's Field Day, at the GOTA station they coached along with Dick KD4ISC. That's where the kids come in. If you get tired of all the chatter, zip on down to about 35:30. That's where the Field Day footage starts.

Episode 13: Field Day - Get Up and GOTA
running time: 85 minutes

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