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Episode 12C
Hamvention TOUR
at the
2012 Dayton Hamvention
May 18-20, 2012
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The Dayton Hamvention is the world's largest hamfest – 2 (often rainy) days in the middle of May. This year, it was all sun! But as you'll see in the video, Jeff AC4ZO and Gary KN4AQ didn't really get outside much.

This year's TOUR video is a little different that our previous programs. Our earlier videos (under the ARVN banner) were designed to be club meeting programs, so we kept the interviews short, and aimed at a 40 minute or less running time. Now we're on-line, more for individual viewing. So like other HamRadioNow programs, the interviews, and the programs, tend to be longer.

Even so, we've split this year's tour into three parts,
(Friday, Saturday and Sunday). That's partly to keep the length of each one reasonable, and partly because it takes (us) a long time to edit these programs, so we didn't want to wait until we were all done to put them up for viewing. It took three weeks to finally get the Sunday program on-line. Gary does the editing, and as you'll see, he's overly optimistic about how long it's going to take him to complete the shows.

As usual, you'll see the new and unusual. And check out our matching shirts and logo microphone flags. We've gone big-time (or bigger small-time).

And OK, if you've really been paying attention, you've noticed that we're releasing the 2012 video before we finished the 2010/2011 video. We'll work on that soon, but we've got some Field Day stuff to do first. Now here are the TOUR shows:
  • Part 1 - Friday. Gary threatens Jeff with a Wouff Hong;
    Jeff talks to the guy with the tower on his hat; Gary finally sees
    the Yaesu digital radio; we get kicked out of the Kenwood booth;
    Gary meets a ham visiting from Turkey, ICOM donates a bunch of
    radios to the Boy Scouts. And that's all from 3:30 to 6 PM!
  • Part 2 - Saturday. Our show intro loses focus; Jeff checks
    out the new Yaesu FTdx3000; we  mingle with the HF Pack 
    crowd at their big flea-market gathering (with a special guest-
    star appearence from Gordon West WB6NOA); Gary learns about the
    new NWDigital data radio and talks MotoTRBO with one of their
    users; and we ambush Tom Medlin W5KUB in the flea
    market as we're wrapping up the episode.
  • Part 3 - Sunday was a very busy day, especially considering it ended
    at 1PM. Here's what you'll see: the new Flex 6000; Begali Keys; a quick
    chat about HF Digital Voice and a non-ICOM D-STAR Repeater;
    new auto-tuner; TEN=TEC's new Argonaut and 100 watt amp;
    and at the ARRL Expo: President Kay Cragie ND3N, Bob Inderbitzen NQ1R
    and Harold Kramer WJ1B on digital QST, the Qatar Amateur Radio
    and the Youth Lounge. Then we went home.

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Episode 12C, Part 1: The Friday TOUR
running time: 34 minutes

Episode 12C, Part 2: Saturday TOUR
running time: 1 hour

Episode 12C, Part 3: Sunday TOUR
94 minutes

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