Episode 9 A
Hamfest Fun
Episode 9 B
Before You Die

April 25, 2012
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Episode 9A: Hamfest Fun. The RARSfest is Gary's 'local' hamfest in Raleigh, NC. So he knows it well, and he knows where to look for the fun stuff.
That includes a Youth Lounge, Flea Market, some of the commercial exhibitors, a variety of people, a subsidiary of the Foxconn factory where hams are building iPads (J-Pole antennas), a Special Event Station, and, with the help of ARVN veteran Jeff Wittich AC4ZO, two unique CW contests: QLF and QBH, and a Homebrew Equipment contest. If your hamfest isn't enough fun, you might try some if these ideas.

Episode 9B: Before You Die. Well, that sounds like fun. No, it's not a 'bucket list.' Chuck Littlewood K4HF has made a specialty of helping families dispose of all the ham equipment a deceased ham accumulated over his or her (probably 'his') lifetime. Chuck does this only for families in the general area of Raleigh, NC, so don't call him from Des Moines or Albuquerque. But we think you'll enjoy the discussion (yes, we used the word 'enjoy' about a conversation about dead hams... remember, this is a KN4AQ interview), and you'll learn something in case you find yourself in a position to help a family. You'll learn what you could do to help your family, er.. before you die... but you probably won't do it. Chuck says he'll be glad to respond to email if you have specific questions. Email him at his callsign @arrl.net.
Episode 9A: Hamfest Fun
running time:  49 minutes

Episode 9B:Before You Die
running time: 39 minutes

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