Episode 8
The FCC's 'Impediments' Inquiry
April 5, 2012
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PRB-1 provides substantial, if not complete, relief from unreasonable restrictions on ham radio antennas... from the government, but not from your friendly, neighborhood homeowner's association. Their rules, often called CC&R's (Codes, Covenants and Restrictions) are a private contract between them and you, and PRB-1 doesn't cover them. If you don't like it, don't buy the house. Your wife doesn't want to live 60 miles out of town just so you can find a house where you can put up an antenna? Tough beans.

That may change. Here's the first step. Several years ago, the ARRL asked the FCC to preempt CC&R's for hams they way they did for TV antennas 15 years ago. The FCC said 'no,' you'll have to ask Congress. So the ARRL did, and Congress eventually responded by sticking a little note in a big, unrelated bill (as Congress is wont to do now and then) directing the FCC to study ham radio — in particular how CC&R's impede our ability to carry out our emeregency communications function — and report back by August.. And the FCC is doing just that.

Here in Episode 8, Gary talks to Dave Sumner K1ZZ, the ARRL's CEO, about this study, how it's going to work, and what may come of it.

HamRadioNow Episode 8: The FCC's 'Impediments' Inquiry
running time: 44 minutes

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