Episode 7
DMR (Digital Mobile Radio)
April 4, 2012
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Yaesu should be introducing their new VHF/UHF digital voice radios at Dayton, if not before, and we expect them to use the fairly new DMR protocol [update - Yaesu did not use DMR - they used "C4FM," incompatible with any other digital voice format used in Amateur Radio).

DMR is a digital voice and data system developed for business two-way radio, to be a little cheaper than the P-25 system used by Public Safety organizations. Hams have brought DMR equipment into our bands already, using that commercial equipment. So before Yaesu makes their debut, we thought we'd find out what hams are doing today. Our tour guide is Jeff Parker WA1WXL. Jeff works for Motorola Solutions, the arm of the radio giant that handles DMR. And while D-STAR is still relatively small, DMR in Ham Radio is tiny - just a few dozen repeaters and a few thousand users worldwide. For now.
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