Episode 6
WRC-12 and the New Ham Band
March 26, 2012
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The World Radio Conference, held in Geneva every four years or so, hammers out agreement on worldwide RF spectrum use for all countries and all services. Ham Radio has a little role to play, and interests to protect. Maybe not so little, at least to us. The ARRL's Brennan Price N4QX gives Ham Radio Now's Gary Pearce KN4AQ a detailed look behind the scenes of this major conference. This time around, Ham Radio came out pretty well: a new (albiet narrow, secondary) allocation at the bottom of MF - 472-479 kHz. And we fended off some potential interference from an oceanographic radar service. All in this edition of Ham Radio Now.

And one correction: There's a picture identified as Brennan's colleague, Jon Siverling WB3ERA, in the middle of the program. But that's not Jon — it's a 'younger' Brennan Price, at W1AW. Sorry, Jon! You can see Jon's picture in his listing on QRZ.com.
HamRadioNow Episode 6: WRC-12
running time: 1 hour 19 minutes

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