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Episode 2 - The Orlando Interviews - February 28, 2012

We took advantage of all the high-profile (or just interesting) hams assembled at the
Orlando HamCation in February to conduct eleven wide-ranging interviews. 

Episode 2 Introduction - Gary Pearce KN4AQ

Gary seems to feel the need to talk some more about this episode.  So Gary-fans can watch this clip. Everyone else, just look over  the interviews and dig in to the one you want to see.

CQ Magazine - Rich Moseson W2VU

Rich and Gary talk about how the end of the CW requirement has affected both CW operation and Ham Radio in general; we discuss the CQ publication family's new digital format (looks great on an iPad!); and Gary tries to see if Rich has any interest in getting back into the video business.
ARISSat-1 (the Velcro Satellite) - Lou McFadin W5DID

Lou McFadin W5DID describes the ARISSat-1 satellite, using the operational model at the AMSAT booth at the HamCation. Gary feels inadequate in the presence of such accomplished hams, and he insults the astronauts. That makes Lou uncomfortable, so he goes on to talk about the future of AMSAT and ARISSat.
Yaesu - Dennis Motschenbacher K7BV

Yaesu is newly separated from partner Motorola, and is about to launch a line of digital-voice VHF/UHF radios and repeaters,,, and they won't be D-STAR. Dennis also talks about how Yaesu radios old and new can accomodate the upcoming changes to 60 Meters.
ICOM - Ray Novak N9JA

ICOM's new D-STAR, the ID-31, is a "third generation" D-STAR product designed to solve some of the learning-curve problems hams have had with D-STAR by incorporating a database of D-STAR repeaters, making the radio more ready-to-go out of the box. Ray also responds to Yaesu's claim that D-STAR is "old technology."
FlexRadio - Greg Jurrins K5GJ
Greg gives Gary some Software-Defined-Radio basics, and talks about the FlexRadio line, now a mature product. They discuss the past and future of Flex, and Gary suggests a new product.
Elecraft - Eric Swartz WA6HHQ
Gary interviewed Eric at the Huntsville Hamfest for Ham Nation, looking at the yet-to-be-released KX3. The radio is being sold now, and first units will be delivered soon. Eric talks about how the K-Line was named in honor of the Collins S-Line. And they discuss how to get Leo Laporte W6TWT off his duff and on the air.
WinRadio - Tariq Hasnie KF5CPU

WinRadio has a series of high-end Sofware-Defined receivers, covering HF+ and VHF/UHF, including P-25 digital and trunk scanning. Tariq reviews the line and advantages of SDR in shortwave and scanning.
RemoteShack - John Troy KI4YUM
First, sorry about the multi-colored flashing lights. John thinks that's the way to get your attention. He doesn''t need it. He's got a compelling product - a system to let you use your HF station remotely with only a Touch-Tone phone. No computer! Not even an iPad.
LTA Inflatable Towers - Steve Garner
The most unique product we've seen in a while, and we almost missed it, even though they towered over one of the commercial buildings. These are inflatable towers. Fast and easy to set up and take down, and they get your antennas up where they do some good. Same principle as that blow-up Santa in your neighbor's lawn, but a bit more heavy-duty.
Red Cross ECRV - Mark Poziomek W4POZ
Mark gives us a close-up look at this van overstuffedf with communications equipment. It's one of twelve (with nearly 200 volunteer operators - many of them hams) that the Red Cross uses in early deployment to disaster areas.
TarHeel Antenna Maintenance - Robert Young NC4RY
A few quick tips on an annual routine to keep TarHeel antennas working like new.

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