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  Hello, QST readers (and everybody else)

Nothing for sale here!

I promised in my 92AD Review (Sept 08 QST) to make a video showing how to program the call sign fields of D-STAR Radios, and here it is, courtesy of YouTube. I had to break the program up into two parts, because YouTube had a 10-minute limit for new videos at the time, and this program runs about 16 minutes total.

Want to go deeper?  Our new series,, has an in-depth class presented by Georgia D-STAR in association with the 2012 Dayton Hamvention®. It's part of our Hamvention coverage in Episode 12.

And the D-STAR Meetings at the 2008, 2009 and 2010 Dayton Hamventions include hours of D-STAR fun and information. 2009 and 2010 are all on-line. The 2008 meetings are still only on DVD. Finally, Digital Voice for Amateur Radio is a 60-minute documentary DVD introducing you to DV modes for HF and VHF/UHF. This program is out of date, and will be updated in 2012 and put fully on-line.

The programs below should play in YouTube's "high quality", but for more control and full-screen options, watch these videos on my YouTube channel.



  Also, QST has given me permission to post a PDF version of my article "Operating D-STAR", published in September, 2007. You can download the PDF here.
This article is © ARRL – you may download it, and link to this download, but please don't put it on your own web site or distribute it.
Gary KN4AQ

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